Talking Doesn’t Mean You’re Communicating Well

Communicate – to give or interchange thoughts, feelings, information, or the like

It’s a common stereotype that woman love to talk things out and in some cases that has proven true. However, just because some women like to talk things out, doesn’t mean that we’re always good at communicating. Communication is far more than just words. It’s an entire spectrum of factors. In this blog I’m going to go through some of those factors and talk about how we can use them to communicate.


Words give things clear meaning and help people to have an understanding of what is being conveyed. They’re spoken as well as written.

A key thing to note is that though writing is a form of communicating with words, it lacks the tone of spoken words that give communication even more strength. They also lack the facial expression and body language that comes with in-person conversation, which again adds strength to what is being communicated. For this reason, writing is sometimes not a good way to communicate, as the content of the what is being conveys may require the clarity that comes from physical presence and audible tone.

Actions can imply words and feelings and even though they may not be accompanied by words, they too can be a strong form of communication. The fact that actions can transcend languages or other speech barriers, means that actions can actions are more powerful that words in some instances. Sometimes, for whatever reason, people can’t or don’t know how to use words well, or at all; so actions then serve as a great alternative and even addition.

Body Language & Facial Expression
Body language implies feelings and a disposition; therefore helping to set the tone for communication. There is a tone int the voice, but there is a tone in the body language. Body language is important because tone can contradict the words the two aren’t the same.

The face is the most identifiable feature of a person. Facial expressions therefore, suggest very personal feelings.

Touch involves two bodies coming together and so is a very personal form of communication. As it’s so personal, touch can also be in appropriate and so it really does need to be timed well and the choices it offers picked wisely.

Ironically, silence can be an extremely powerful means of communication and therefore, though it involves no sound it can be one of the loudest messages. Of course, sometimes silence means nothing; but the interpretation is available on the foundation of the context of the relationship or experience.


Choices Are There




There are several choices for forms of communication and in order to communicate well, we need to make use of a variety of them. Due to this, sometimes we need to wait until more of the needed communication means are available to us before we convey a certain message. That may mean waiting until the end of the day, until we can be in the person’s presence or until a certain time as passed. Whatever it is, effective communication always requires effort. Even with effort, there is no one who will communicate perfectly and that’s why communication needs grace.


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